My Doctors are the GREATEST!! 
I considered myself lucky to have gotten great doctors, liking them and trusting them to do whatever was necessary to safe my life.  This is NOT always the case, so please make sure you follow you gut feeling.  Advocate for yourself.  If you don't like your doctor - don't stay, find someone else.  It is your right!!!  You have to feel comfortable, assured and confident that he/she will do everything to the best of their knowledge to take care of the situation.  It is is YOUR life.

Dr. Jason D. Wright (GYN Oncologist) on staff at the NY Presbyterian Hospital

Dr. Israel Deustch (Radiation Oncologist) on staff at the NY Presbyterian

Dr. Frank J. Maselli (Family Internal Medicine) Riverdale Family Practice and on staff at Saint Joseph's Medical Center, Yonkers and  New York Presbyterian~The Allen Hospital.  

Me and My Doctors

Dr. Wright and Me

Dr. Maselli and Me