Velocity Ride - 242 Miles


I received an e-mail from my GYN-Oncologist, Dr. Jason Wright back in August asking me to join his Velocity Team.  My doctor never asks me for too many things - so how I can say NO.  😆

Dr. Wright and his wonderful staff has always supported me and the Cervivor organization here in NYC on our mission, and of course they help us offer FREE cervical cancer screenings on an annual basis.

By now you might be asking what is  Your Velocity?  Your Velocity is the chance to support Columbia’s Cancer Center & the healthcare heroes on the front lines of the global pandemic. Raising money by completing any activity challenge, and unite on Velocity Day to show your commitment to solving cancer and COVID-19. This year Velocity Day was on October 4th, 2020.

So at first I decided that I will be Spinning® 121 miles (11 miles per each year cancer free,  and I'll be walking 11 miles (one mile per each year cancer free).  

I finished my 121 miles almost right away since I do Spinning classes quite often. So then I decided to double the miles to 242 miles (what was I thinking?), it was hard - I almost did not make it.  It took me till the last day to finish the 242 miles. But I DID IT!!! Yay!!

I want to thank everyone who cheered me on the journey, and to those who sponsored me.  I was able to raised $600 dollars.  Our team "Ob/Gyn Velocity" raised $7,469 dollars, and we are thrilled to share that this year’s Velocity 2020 raised over $1.08M (and counting!) for cancer research at the HICCC (Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center). WOW!!! Thank you ALL.

Velocity Ride Ceremony Broadcast 2020 

Personally, I want to thank Velocity for choosing my story as one of the three cancer stories featured on the live broadcast on Velocity Day on October 4th, 2020.  I also want to thank my doctor - Dr. Jason Wright - for collaborating with me to share "our" story to the Velocity audience. Please watch above video.  Thank you. xo

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