My 9th Year Cancerversary

According to numerology the Number 9 is the symbol of wisdom. It is the last number before the next harmony. 

I have gained so much wisdom, and I have become so much wiser during my journey as I celebrate my Cancerversary. Today, Cinco de Mayo, I am celebrating my 9th year of being cancer FREE.   Yay! for me.

Informative Event on GYN-Cancers for Latinas- 5/10/18

I was so excited when I heard about the above event.  Even more now since I have been chosen to be on the panel, be a speaker and be the MC of the event.

This event offers information needed on GYN cancers for Latinas.  As a Latina and as a Cervical Cancer survivor I know that Latina women are twice as likely to get diagnosed with cervical cancer in comparison to non-Latina, and the death rate for us is nearly 50% higher than that of non-Latina women.