My Lucky 7 -

My 7 year Cancerversary
Our fascination for certain numbers goes back in history.  It has been recorded that the number 7 is the world's favorite number. There is a list of things that carries the number seven like:  There are seven days of the week, seven colors of the rainbow, seven notes on a musical scale, seven seas, and seven continents. Even James Bonds code happens to be 007.

Today I am more than fascinated with the number 7.  I am celebrating my 7 year cancerversary.  The number 7 is my lucky number today May 5-- (Cinco de Mayo).
Seven years of being cancer FREE is a big accomplishment for me.

I still can't believe how much I have traveled and how much I had to battle to get to where I am today, but I guess I had to and it was worth it.  I'm ALIVE, HEALTHIER, WISER & STRONGER.

I can give you a list of things that I have learned to appreciate after going through my journeys, but let me just tell you about the most important one of them all.  I learned that without my health not too many things seem to matter.

My cancer journey was hard, and at the end I was grateful that I had conquered - you would think that I will start taking care of myself better, but I didn't. I found food to give me comfort after my battle.  I felt entitled to eat whatever I wanted and as much as I wanted.- after all I beat cancer.

It seemed like I wasn't taking this opportunity (a second shot at life) to the max.  I finally realized that advocating and educating other women about the prevention of cervical cancer, which I still do because it is important, was just part of what I needed to do.  I need to make the big U turn towards getting healthier.
To be able to close the door to many other diseases is to keep yourself as healthy as possible.  This is what gives you the better odds for a better life.  I know that nothing is guaranteed in this life, but you still have to give yourself the best odds possible for the best quality of life.

I stand here proud and I can say "I beat cancer and I beat obesity and all the illnesses that came with it"---But honestly-- it doesn't end there.  It is a daily struggle for me, but it keeps me going.  Do I fall?  Of course I do.  Do I eat perfect?  Of course I don't -- but my falls and my bad choices at times do not dictate my tomorrows.

My new mission is to spread the word that being healthy doesn't look the same on everyone.  You don't have to be a size 0 or 4.  You don't have to eat perfect all the time.  Your tongue doesn't have to be hanging out to the floor to be fit or have a good workout.   You need to do the best you can with what you have.  Be determined, be consistent, be patient and stay focused.
Am I going to save the world? No unfortunately NOT but I do what I can to empower people to take responsibility of their own health. and be their own health warrior.  It is not an easy task by no means, but what is? Nothing is easy when it's worthwhile.

On my 7 year cancerversary I wanted to share my celebration with my students.  These amazing women have taught me that it is never too late to be active, never too late to be healthy, never too late to love life, never too late to love yourself so you can love others. Thank you so much my ladies.

My beautiful students
I want to thank the many teachers and mentors that have come into my life and have shared their knowledge and experiences with me. Learning from people that are willing to share their knowledge is priceless.

I also want to thank my partner in crime, my husband Freddie.  Behind every successful woman there is a wonderful man. Thank you to my family and friends for the continuous love and support.  I love you ALL. xo

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