RIP Nanette - Until We Meet Again

I remember like it was yesterday, but in reality it was on February 2011 when I received an inbox message from this lady named Nanette Pena Quintanilla.

She has read some of my posts on FB on cervical cancer and as a cervical cancer survivor herself she was wondering if I can talk to one of her friends who was having problems with some symptoms--which I did.  Through the years we kept in touch on and off bonding through our experiences and talking about our health because she was also a diabetic as I was.

In May 2014, I asked Nanette to share her story to be published on "A New Camino", she answered that she would be honored.  On May 14, 2014 I received Nanette's story and here is where I dropped the ball (for lack of better words).

I am a procrastinator and one thing led to another and I never published her story.  From time to time I apologized to Nanette, but never got to do it and for that I am very sorry.