My Lucky 7 -

My 7 year Cancerversary
Our fascination for certain numbers goes back in history.  It has been recorded that the number 7 is the world's favorite number. There is a list of things that carries the number seven like:  There are seven days of the week, seven colors of the rainbow, seven notes on a musical scale, seven seas, and seven continents. Even James Bonds code happens to be 007.

Today I am more than fascinated with the number 7.  I am celebrating my 7 year cancerversary.  The number 7 is my lucky number today May 5-- (Cinco de Mayo).
Seven years of being cancer FREE is a big accomplishment for me.

RIP Nanette - Until We Meet Again

I remember like it was yesterday, but in reality it was on February 2011 when I received an inbox message from this lady named Nanette Pena Quintanilla.

She has read some of my posts on FB on cervical cancer and as a cervical cancer survivor herself she was wondering if I can talk to one of her friends who was having problems with some symptoms--which I did.  Through the years we kept in touch on and off bonding through our experiences and talking about our health because she was also a diabetic as I was.

In May 2014, I asked Nanette to share her story to be published on "A New Camino", she answered that she would be honored.  On May 14, 2014 I received Nanette's story and here is where I dropped the ball (for lack of better words).

I am a procrastinator and one thing led to another and I never published her story.  From time to time I apologized to Nanette, but never got to do it and for that I am very sorry.

I Never Stopped Believing

 Post written by Cervical Cancer Survivor Dulcely Tavarez

My name is Dulcely.  I'm 23 years old and I am a cervical cancer survivor. 

Looking back at my journey - it really felt long, and very exhausting, but I'm happy to say that I conquered cancer.  

At first I was dealing with my diagnosis on my own. I didn't tell my partner, nor my family.  I was having a hard time dealing with it, and I could only imagine how much it would hurt them if  I told them about my cancer.  Ultimately I decided to tell them and the support and love they gave me was incredible - they never left my side.

Happy 4th Birthday

 Happy 4th Birthday A New Camino!!!

It took me about two years after I was declared cancer FREE to start this blog.  I wanted A New Camino to become a vehicle to connect with women that are looking for guidance, a point of reference, or just some words of hope. Today I am a 6 year 8 months survivor who has turned advocate for this disease with the vision that one day the world be cervical cancer FREE.

Unfortunately, I don't write as much as I would like to anymore - not because I don't care, but because somehow time escapes me these days - my life has kind of re-routed itself towards other endeavors.  I don't want you all to think that my readers or the information that I share on this blog are not important. Believe me-- YOU are!!!!
I just have decided to help people in another area of wellness. I spend my time helping people with their fitness and health goals, to help them become the person that they are meant to be.

My Cervical Cancer Journey VS. My Obesity Journey

So I have been asked on several occasions by people who have fought or are fighting cancer and by people who have fought or are fighting obesity  "which journey was harder to conquer - cancer or obesity?"  This question took me off guard since I never thought about it, but since then, I have been trying to look back to help me decide which journey was the hardest. So here is my view on this question as part of a series of posts I'll be writing for *Cervical Cancer Awareness Month.

The truth is the both journeys were very hard for me, both of them brought their own challenges making me just want to give up at times -- If you want me to say that one is harder than the other "I can't." I cannot minimize one against the other. It will be like comparing apples to oranges.