Love, Marriage & Cancer

Not to many of us survivors talk or open up about what goes on with our relationships before during and after a cervical cancer diagnosis. It is important to know that there will be changes in the relationship and it will take patience, understanding and most importantly love to find each other again.

HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) is a very common virus that most sexually active people (men and women) will experience during their life span.  It is not a result of  being promiscuous or being unfaithful to your partner. Know that it is a skin to skin transmitted virus that can be transmitted without sexual intercourse.  We have to debunk the very myths that create a stigma for this disease.

A couple of years ago I read an article by the Daily Beast "15 Ways To Predict Divorce" and even though I have heard the statistics on cervical cancer and the divorce rate -- it just shook me when I read  “If you’ve been diagnosed with cervical cancer, your likelihood of getting divorced is 40 percent higher than standard rates.”

This made me very sad--it is devastating enough to deal with Cancer, coming face to face with your own mortality and now you have to deal with an unsupported partner, the one person that you think has your back and is always ready to give you support and love.  It is obvious to me that we need more education on this particular topic, and debunk the many myths that prevent or makes it harder to help eradicate this disease.

Please watch Nick Prigo and my husband, Freddie Casa give their views on Cervical Cancer, HPV, Love, and Marriage.

Editor's Note:  I want to thank Tamika Felder and CervivorTV for bringing the topic of love, marriage and cancer to light.  Kudos to Nick Prigo and my hubby for having opened up and share their views. It is very hard to share your most intimate moments and thoughts.  A special thanks to my husband, a very private man, for giving his first interview ever.  I have been blessed with a wonderful man that has stood by me and showed me unconditional love.  I love you dearly my love.

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