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So what is CervivorTV?  Well, Tamika Felder, Founder of Tamika and Friends,  is a TV producer and interviewer for her day job, so  it makes sense that to bring lots of great information to everyone through video. Each week, you will hear interviews with exciting and interesting people, such as survivors, health care providers, leading researchers, advocacy group leaders, and policymakers.
  • You’ll hear other women’s stories.
  • You’ll get the latest news in HPV and cervical cancer prevention and treatment.
  • You’ll hear how to have a steamy sex life after cancer or how to deal with the frustration of fertility issues.
 You will not want to miss one episode!  

I had the honor to have been interviewed on Episode #2 of CervivorTV. You can watch other amazing episodes. HERE
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Episode #2

I want to thank Tamika Felder and CervivorTV for an awesome interview, and for the opportunity to  share my journey in the hope to make a difference.

I want everyone to know that my journey doesn't have to be theirs.  Please DO NOT become a statistic.  Get informed - Knowledge is power!!!!

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