Love, Marriage & Cancer

Not to many of us survivors talk or open up about what goes on with our relationships before during and after a cervical cancer diagnosis. It is important to know that there will be changes in the relationship and it will take patience, understanding and most importantly love to find each other again.

Cervivor School - Iganaural Class 2014

Cervivor Advocates
On January 25, 2014, I was honored to have been handpicked to be one of the first survivors to attend Cervivor School being held at The Eventi Hotel in New York City.

 Cervivor Shcool  was a full day of  learning. Survivors came together in person. and...
  • We gained a better understanding of HPV and how it created cancer inside of you.
  • We learned about impactful storytelling so we can share our journey in a meaningful way with others.
  • We learned to connect with each other and become a community of sister survivors, committed to making a difference in this world.

Happy Belated 2nd Birthday - A New Camino

Happy Belated 2nd Birthday A New Camino.  I can't believe it was 2 years ago on January 9, since I started A New Camino.  Two years ago I decided to start documenting my way back from that horrible diagnosis that stopped my life as I knew it.

Sorry to be a little late wishing it a Happy Birthday, but in honor of its birthday, January being cervical cancer awareness month, and this year marking a milestone for me -- I decided A New Camino needed a new look, and more TLC - so for January it was under construction.  I hope you all like its new look. Yay!!

Feautured on CervivorTV

So what is CervivorTV?  Well, Tamika Felder, Founder of Tamika and Friends,  is a TV producer and interviewer for her day job, so  it makes sense that to bring lots of great information to everyone through video. Each week, you will hear interviews with exciting and interesting people, such as survivors, health care providers, leading researchers, advocacy group leaders, and policymakers.
  • You’ll hear other women’s stories.
  • You’ll get the latest news in HPV and cervical cancer prevention and treatment.
  • You’ll hear how to have a steamy sex life after cancer or how to deal with the frustration of fertility issues.
 You will not want to miss one episode!  

What Is Cervivor?

So I am sure that by now you must have heard of Cervivor.  If you haven't, then let me tell you what this revolution is all about.  I'm so excited to be part of this amazing project.

Cervivor is a project launched by Tamika and Friends, Inc.   in September of 2013, and its a nonprofit organization that works to prevent cervical cancer diagnosis through patient education and survivor empowerment.