What A Difference A Year Makes - Lab Results

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As you know by now and I hope you don't get tired of hearing it or reading it - I lost 103 pounds in a course of a year.

Due to being overweight or I should say morbidly obese (according to the Body Mass Index or BMI chart), I developed several illnesses.  I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

I took several medications to control these illnesses and had many warnings from my doctor to do something about my weight. Warnings that I ignored for awhile.

It wasn't until my medications began NOT to work and were forcing my doctor to think of other measures to take (injecting insulin) that I decided to  make the determination to change my lifestyle as to my diet and exercise.

My Doctor-- Dr. Frank Maselli
The journey of losing weight is not an easy one but it yields endless benefits.   Just to let everyone know, I'm monitored by my doctor every three months due to my diabetes, so as time went by and I dropped the pounds, my lab results were getting better and better.  So here are some of my recent results from  my last doctor's visit on July 17, 2012  compare to the same time last year.



My Labs Results  2011 vs. 2012

                                                     Last Year 2011    This Year 2012     Normal Range

  • Weight                                        238             135                 111-145 (for 5'3" height)
  • BMI                                             42               23                  Less than 25
  • Waist                                            42               28                  Less than 35 f/women
  • Dress Size                                    22                  4                  Unknown
  • Total Cholesterol                        240              160                  Less than 200-Desirable
  • HDL (Good Cholesterol)             37                76                  60 and above                
  • LDL (Bad Cholesterol)               149                77                  Less than 100
  • Triglycerides                               211                51                  Less than 150
  • A1C  (blood sugar levels)               9              4.7                   Below 7
  • Blood Pressure                          145/90         120/78              Systolic  90-120
  •                                                                                                 Diastolic  60-80

Wow!! what a difference a year makes.  I must say that looking at the chart, I was totally amazed myself. It's unbelievable to me.  I don't take anymore medications, and I'm healthier now than I've ever been.   I still have some more work to do, but my doctor is happy with all my results so far.  For the first time in a long time I wasn't nervous when he came in the room to examine me.  All my hard work has paid off, but my journey continues......

If you want to check you own BMI (Body Mass Index) Click Here

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** Remember-- Always check with your doctor before starting any kind of diet and/or exercise plan.

There is no such thing as a self-made man.  You will reach your goals only with the help of others. ~ George Shinn

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  1. Fellicitaciones, What a great story,It is very encouraging.

  2. Gracias!!! Thank you for your comment. Your words mean so much to me. xo Patti