The Reason I Walk the NYC Walk To Beat The Clock

I still remember the first time I walked the NYC Walk to Beat the Clock.  It was September 19, 2009, exactly three months after finishing my treatments and my doctor had given me the great news that I was "cancer free".

So here I was-- cancer free.  You might think I should have been jumping up and down. Right? Well, not quite. I was feeling grateful and relieved.  God had given me a second shot at life, but I still felt numb and uncertain.

Doctors don't tell you what to do next after they have done their job nor is there a manual to guide you on what to do.  You have to kind of figure it out yourself, figure out how to pick up all the pieces and put them back together.

What A Difference A Year Makes - Lab Results

Before      After
As you know by now and I hope you don't get tired of hearing it or reading it - I lost 103 pounds in a course of a year.

Due to being overweight or I should say morbidly obese (according to the Body Mass Index or BMI chart), I developed several illnesses.  I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

I took several medications to control these illnesses and had many warnings from my doctor to do something about my weight. Warnings that I ignored for awhile.