I Won Ketsy and Lost Pounds- Part III

The Weight Loss Challenge Group with our Trainer #KillerKetsy and Co-Trainer #LittleTaffyD
*Some of the members are missing from the picture

 I didn't want to title this post the "The Final Part" even though the weight loss challenge has come to an end.  Our journey has not ended, but it's time to move forward to a new phase within our mission.

It has been five months since the start of our lifetime commitment and we have grown in so many ways in this short time. We are not sad that this part has ended because we are accepting it as part of the growth. The knowledge and the tools that have been given to us are priceless and timeless.

Radiation Treatments and Changes in My Body

Once I was diagnosed with cervical cancer my doctor recommended radiation and chemotherapy to have a chance to  beat the cancer. Here is some information on radiation, along with my personal experience to the subsequent changes in my body.

Radiation Therapy

Internal and/or External Radiation is a frequent treatment option for many cancers. It uses high energy ray to destroy the cancer cells. Depending on the kind of cancer and where you received the radiation you will have different side effects. Some side effects take longer than others to show or to go away if they do.

The radiation given to me for the cervix was externally and internally. Doctors tattoo the part of your body where the radiation rays will be given to be precise to hit the tumor and/or cancer cells inside your body. Even though it's precise, there are other organs nearby that can be affected by the radiation treatment.

Intimacy After My Cancer Diagnosis

What doctors don't tell you
I have written about intimacy with my husband after cervical cancer before, so here I am doing it again.  My husband still feels uncomfortable about me talking about our sex life and he rather not read anything I write about this topic.  Today, we have a healthy sex life which has improved even more since I have lost some weight. I guess because I feel lighter and sexier these days, but it took a long while to get us to this point. The key word here is patience.

There was no intimacy after my cancer treatments even when the doctor said it was OK to have sex. It took my husband and I awhile to reconnect. We were both afraid, anxious and worried to even try. We first had to open communication and start slow. The doctors do not give you a manual as to how to go about these things.