HPV Application

The other day looking through saludtoday.com website I stumbled upon an entry regarding an HPV application for your iPhone® or iPad®.  Perhaps you already know about it or perhaps not, either way I wanted to spread the word.

This application is "FREE" and is quite informative.  “HPVsearch” allows users to look up facts about the Human Papilloma Virus, gives information about both vaccines and have patient's  FAQs.

"Cervical Cancer Prevention & Screening Information"

The application was designed by the Texas Medical Association’s Physician Oncology Education Program, 

There is another application I stumbled upon on my own  "Cervical Cancer Prevention & Screening Information".  This application was developed by the Nurse Practitioners in Women's Health (NPWH).  It reviews strategies for cervical cancer protection for girls and women.

There are thousands of applications out there, some in my opinion, useless, so why not have applications for HPV and Cervical Cancer Prevention?  Giving you information at the tip of your fingers and attach to them is the magic word "FREE."

Both of these applications are available in iTunes.  Get some FREE knowledge!!

"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest" ~ Benjamin Franklin

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