Beating the Beast~Giving Up Was Not An Option

Post written by guest blogger and Cervical Cancer Survivor Melissa Martinez Capuano

My life changed in the spring of 2008. I passed out and began hemorrhaging which required a 48 hour blood and iron transfusion. The doctors at the ER were shocked that I had not gone into cardiac arrest with all my blood loss, and I was sent to a specialist to evaluate my condition. At first glance, they assumed it was a fibroid which would require me to have a hysterectomy. During the examination the doctor decided to do a rush biopsy on the "fibroid", and also scheduled the hysterectomy for the following week.

My Diagnosis
The very next day I received the dreaded phone call to rush back to the doctor so she could give me my biopsy results. "Melissa, I have cancelled the hysterectomy and referring you to an oncologist at St. Jude's. You can see the doctor today. You have cervical cancer".

The very next week was filled with appointments with the oncologist, the OB-GYN and a radiologist. I was diagnosed with stage IIB inoperable cervical cancer at the age of 33. I was told that I could not save my ovaries or any of my eggs. I was told that I would never be able to have children. I usually had my annual pap test but I didn't go one year and this is what happened.

Chemo Port

The very next day I had my chemo port surgically placed into my chest and the day after that I would start my chemotherapy.

My treatment regiment consisted of chemotherapy every Monday for 8 hours for 3 months, 33 sessions of external radiation Monday through Friday, and 5 sessions of brachytherapy (internal radiation) which if you look up what it is, it would make you cringe.

I was able to handle the hair loss, the nausea and all the other numerous side effects with the help of my family and friends. Giving up for me was never an option.

Me and my BFF Brad
Beating the Beast

In October of that same year, after my treatments were completed, I was told that I had beat the beast and my tumor was completely gone.

Three years later, I am still clear of cervical cancer. I am still having routine scans every six months, and I have had a bout with renal cancer recently but won that battle as well. I am a better, stronger and more appreciative person now. It has taught me to know the people that are important to me and how precious life is. If cancer were to ever cross my path again, I will do only what I know to do and that is to FIGHT! I am, and always will be a SURVIVOR!

Melissa Martinez Capuano lives in Placentia, CA. Works for Waddell & Reed. She loves to jog and is training for her first half marathon. She is loved by a wonderful man and his two boys and loves her life.

Editor's Note: Melissa contacted me because she wanted to share her story.  She wanted to let women who are fighting this disease know that there is HOPE.  To keep strong and in faith.
Personally, I want to thank Melissa for sharing her inspirational story as she did on my health blog The Voices of Two Mujeres.  Wishing her always the very best.  Thank you my survivor sister!!


  1. Amazing story! Thank you for sharing, Melissa, and being an inspiration!

  2. What an inspiring story!! I am so happy for Melissa & all the survivors. I was cringing at her description of the nausea and the invasive treatments--this goes to show you that when you think you've been through tough times there is always someone who's had it tougher! Hugs to Melissa xoxo

  3. It was immensely helpful.Cervical Cancer