Beating the Beast~Giving Up Was Not An Option

Post written by guest blogger and Cervical Cancer Survivor Melissa Martinez Capuano

My life changed in the spring of 2008. I passed out and began hemorrhaging which required a 48 hour blood and iron transfusion. The doctors at the ER were shocked that I had not gone into cardiac arrest with all my blood loss, and I was sent to a specialist to evaluate my condition. At first glance, they assumed it was a fibroid which would require me to have a hysterectomy. During the examination the doctor decided to do a rush biopsy on the "fibroid", and also scheduled the hysterectomy for the following week.

HPV Application

The other day looking through website I stumbled upon an entry regarding an HPV application for your iPhone® or iPad®.  Perhaps you already know about it or perhaps not, either way I wanted to spread the word.

This application is "FREE" and is quite informative.  “HPVsearch” allows users to look up facts about the Human Papilloma Virus, gives information about both vaccines and have patient's  FAQs.

The Fear Never Goes Away

A few weeks ago I had the scare of my life.  I thought that all my fears and  worries have been put to rest, but the ugly monster always manages to show his head.

After my radiation and chemo treatments, I went into early menopause.  What does this mean? It means that I no longer menstruate, I get hot flashes, I get some mood swings and I'm infertile among other things.

So now, I have not menstruated for almost three years.  I have taken a conscious commitment to take care of myself by eating healthier, exercising and doing everything I can to lead a healthy life, and then--all of sudden--I start bleeding.   WTH??? Is it back?!?! Is the cancer back??

Losing It ~ The Book

I've always love to read books.  No matter where I went I had a book in my hands, until I discovered "Audible".

Yes, made my addiction a little bit easier. I just had to carry my iPod®, put my earphones on and listen to someone else read to me. Lazy? perhaps, but when you are on the go, go, go life style it just makes it easier.

So why am I telling you all this?  Well, several months ago an amazing young woman contacted me.  Her name is Danielle Sepulveres.  Danielle is beautiful, an actress, a model and an author. She had written a book with the most catchy title, "Losing It - The Semi Scandalous Story of an Ex-Virgin". Needless to say, the title itself caught my attention.

A Miracle After Dealing with Persistent HPV

Post written by guest blogger and friend, Vanessa Santiago.

The Family ~ Christmas 2011
My name is Vanessa and I'm happy to say I'm a mother of two.  I had my daughter in 2001 when I was 20 years old. At the age of 26 I was diagnosed with abnormal cells on the cervix and that's when my journey began.

The JourneyI've always felt like one of the "lucky ones" because my abnormal cells were found before they became an invasive cancer, but by no means has the journey been an easy one.  In the past five years I've had many procedures done to prevent a cervical cancer diagnosis.  Just to name them, I had one colposcopy, two cryotherapies, three laser therapies, one cone biopsy and one LEEP procedure.  Due to all these procedures the doctors told my husband and I that even thought I can conceive, there was no guarantee that I can carry a baby full term.

No Christmas Tree for Christmas

Mom and Me~ Christmas 2011
I realize that Christmas has come and gone and that we are well into the new year, but I wanted to share a guest post I wrote for my friend Jason Bournesm's blog.

No Christmas Tree for Christmas

Three years ago I was shocked beyond belief when my doctor gave me a cancer diagnosis.  That particular moment is vivid in my mind, but the moments after the words “You have stage IIB cervical cancer” are a blur.  It was mid November of 2008, right before the holidays, Thanksgiving,  Christmas and New Year’s.

A New Camino

"Camino" [cah-mee’-no] meaning road/path.  A New Camino, its exactly what I feel I'm on and I am taking a closer look at my bucket list.  Cancer changes your life completely and forever, nothing goes back to the way you knew it. You have to reinvent yourself and find a new you.

Several months ago I was being interviewed by my friend for a feature on her website and one of her questions was: "When did you reach your norm?"  This question made me think and I had to answer honestly -"I haven't yet."  It takes awhile, its a long road back.