The Council of the City of New York Proclamation

As most of you know January is Cervical Health Awareness Month.  It is one of the busiest months of the year for a cervical cancer advocate.  We raise awareness throughout the whole year, but January--the first month of the year no less, we push hard with our message.

In mid January I received an unexpected e-mail from the New York City Council  -- They wanted to honor me with a proclamation for my advocacy work in the fight against cervical cancer and HPV.  What??? ME?!?!
I know--I couldn't believe it either.  I had to tell the hubby to read the e-mail for me again.

Happy Third Birthday!!!

Happy Third Birthday A New Camino-- Yay!!

I can't believe it has been three years since I decided to start this blog.  Even though I must confess that I do not write as much as I would like to, it has been one of the best decisions I have made.

It took me awhile to make this decision --I knew that at times I will have to be prepared to open up and show my emotions and talk about what most of us consider "private."

To help and educate others you have to open yourself up, and show them your vulnerability, your humanity and your compassion to be able to connect.  I stand here five years CANCER FREE - holding up a sign with the word H.O.P.E. - a cancer diagnosis does not have to equal your mortality.

NYC Pap Rally & Run 5K Run/Walk

The Faces of Cervical Cancer/HPV
Five years ago I heard four words from my doctor that I never in a million years thought I would hear-- "You Have Cervical Cancer".

I was clueless about the whole thing. I was facing my own mortality, I did not what to do, and I had to fight hard for my life.  It was a tough journey, but I came out on the other side.

Even though I won the battle, I was left numb and scared.  Will this monster come back again?? You don't know the answer to that question, but you hold on to hope and positive vibes.

My Five Year Cancerversary - A Big Milestone

Me and My Wonderful Doctor
It's my fifth year CANCERVERSARY!!!!  I have been counting the days to reach  this big milestone.

Five years in this time and age is not a long time, but as a cancer survivor it means a lot.  It means that the odds of this ugly monster coming back diminishes.

Make no mistake, there will ALWAYS be that  thought in back of my mind, but I'm able to control it a little better now. I'm not looking over my shoulder as much.  Life does go on after cancer.

Health Screening Event - A Success

(L-R) Nadia, Michelle, Cervivor Patti, Jessica & Ayanna
On Saturday, April 26, 2014 the organizations LUCES and Tamika and Friends partnered with the New York Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center to offer breast, cervical and colon cancer screenings.

It was a cloudy and raining morning but the mission had to go forward, and forward it did.  We are pleased to report that over 20 women had their pap tests and over 50 women had their mammograms.  Yay!!!

We couldn't have ask for better numbers or maybe we can.  We hope that next time more women take advantage of this great opportunity as a preventive measure to prevent breast, cervical and colon cancer. 

mAss Kickers Interview

I was honored to have been featured  on the mAss Kickers organization's website a few months ago.  The mAss Kickers Foundation (MKF) was founded by brain cancer survivor Eric Galvez  . MKF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which provides support and motivation to all newly-diagnosed patients, family, and friends affected by tumors or cancer. MKF serves this mission through its website, fund-raising, and select events throughout the year.